Something Every Pregnant Woman Needs… Labour Socks!


Something Every Pregnant Woman Needs… Labour Socks!

Labour Socks

When you’re in labour it’s great to have a motivator, to keep you going. Of course, you have no choice but to “keep going”. We have discovered Labour Socks, and they are about bringing a bit of fun into that Labour Suite.

You may not be contemplating a photo shoot whilst you’re in agony, but it is nice to have a few private pics to mark one of the most remarkable moments of your life… these socks are an ideal prop for that.

Where to buy Labour Socks

Labour Socks are available to buy in the UK from multiple outlets…

Hot Pink Mum to be Keep Calm & Push* £2.99 (+£2.99 Delivery) from Amazon Seller: UK1WeddingGifts

Delivery Inspiration Hospital Non Skid Push Socks for Maternity Pregnancy* £5.99 from Amazon

‘Keep Calm And Push’ Funny Socks For The Mummy To Be* £7.99 from Amazon

Luxury Combed Cotton Delivery Socks* £7.99 from Amazon

Hospital Bag Must Have Delivery Inspiration Push Socks for Maternity* £3.99 from Amazon

Labour Socks

What are Labour Socks?

Labour Socks, are a pair of socks meant to be worn during your labour. They have a slogan on the bottom and read something like “keep pushing!” or “I’m going to be a Mum today!”.

They serve no purpose but to keep your feet cosy, and to inject a bit of fun into your birthing experience.

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