Providing Magical Entertainment for residents in care homes, rest homes and retirement homes

Woodland Court Residential Home


I just wanted to say a massive thank you from coming to Woodland Court this week. You were great with our residents, kept everyone engaged and entertained the ENTIRE time!

We are all very excited for your next visit!

Samantha - Activities Coordinator

Cairdean House


Scott was a real breath of fresh air to our current entertainment, his instant likeable personality and Tommy Cooper style magic was a BIG hit with our residents. Thank you so much! 

Alexandra Rose Care Home


Thank you for a fantastic afternoon of entertainment, your magic and humour was the talk of the home, and all the residents have asked when you will be back! We can't wait for your next visit to spread lots more smiles and laughter! 

Entertainment in Care Homes Hampshire
Entertainment in Care Homes

No1 Entertainment in Care Homes

I am a multi award winning full time busy professional family magician for nearly 30yrs, I regularly perform at Private Family Parties, Holiday Parks ect and since the beginning of the year I have put together a magic show specifically for Care Homes.

Magicial Entertainment in Care Homes

The show is fully interactive with lots of participation and amazing tricks, humor and side splitting Tommy Cooper style magic.

This is a hugely popular and unique show as the care home entertainment market is most saturated with singers, musicians such as pianists and guitarists, bingo, quizzes ect. I know that most care home activity coordinators are always on the look out for something different to entertain their residents and having a magician is definitely the answer!

My magic show has been the talk of the residents for days/weeks after entertaining thus being hugely successful at many care homes. I have received amazing accolades from the residents/staff and I regularly return monthly or quarterly to most care homes.

Magic Entertainment in Care Homes Portsmouth

I also offer strolling close magic sessions, where I perform jaw dropping miracles in the palm of your residents hands, this combined with my cheeky fun personality is also a massive hit with everyone.

I sometimes make the residents my extremely cute and popular wrist balloons (as per the photo below) This always goes down a treat and is guaranteed to put a smile of the faces of your residents!

Entertainment in care homes wrist balloons

If this is something you would be interested in giving a try or adding my magic show to your entertainment calendar on a regular basis, please get in touch with me and I would love to bring lots of smiles and laughter to everyone at your care home!

The duration of the show is between 45mins-1hr and is priced at the current going rate for care home entertainment sessions which is £80

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Magically


Magical Entertainment in Care Homes

I cover Portsmouth, Southampton and all surrounding areas throughout Hampshire.